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Subject: Pool #2

Marine 1 touched down on a grassy plaza in central Amsterdam after a 15-minute flight over the city, cut by canals, wide avenues, and parks.

Large crowds gathered behind barricades to see Marine 1 land in front of the Rijksmuseum, a brick building of towers and spires.

POTUS met Dutch PM Mark Rutte and Amsterdam Mayor Eberhard van der Laan in a hall of museum hall with high vaulted ceiling and a wall of stained glass. He signed the guest book, just his name without message.

POTUS and hosts slipped into an adjacent Hall of Honors for a tour and pool gathered with other journalists in front of Night Watch, Rembrandt’s large oil depiction of a group of 17th century militiamen.

POTUS approached the painting, arms across chest, as the museum guide explained it to him. He put his finger to his chin, pointed to several parts of the painting, and asked several questions unintelligible to the pool. Then he posed for some pictures with his hosts before heading into a bilat with PM Rutte.

Pool holding at 10 am…

Scott Wilson
White House Bureau Chief
The Washington Post


Subject: Travel pool report #1

March 24, 2014

AF1 was wheels down in Amsterdam at 8:48am. No gaggle/briefing during the flight.

POTUS stepped off AF1 at 9:08am. He greeted several officials (names below) before boarding Marine One.

Pool separately boarding helos. Destination is the Rijksmuseum. POTUS is meeting PM Rutte there.

Greeters on the tarmac, per the WH:

U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands Timothy Broas
Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans
Dutch Director of Protocol Govert-Jan Bijl de Vroe
Dutch Delegation Officer Bas Berends

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal