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Subject: White House Pool Report No. 10

White House Pool Report No. 10
Dec. 23, 2013
Lanikai, a neighborhood in Kailua, Hawaii

More golf:
The President drove up in his golf cart as he approached the 18th hole. Near the 18th hole, he looked through binoculars/distance goggles, took five or six practice swings, and then took his shot from the rough. As the ball arched up and over — landing on the green — there was light applause from a small crowd that gathered to watch him play behind the fence that divided the golf course from the street.

POTUS then drove the golf cart a short distance around 18th hole. He was chewing gum. Others played. There was some conversation but it was inaudible. Once on the green of the 18th hole, the President crouched down to survey his final shot, then took a few more practice swings and then putted. He got close to the hole but came up short and didn’t make it. “Aaaaah,” he said in mock frustration, (smiling).

The game pretty much ended there. The President gave a half man-hug to one of the other players. And he waved to a crowd of spectators that had gathered at the fence to watch him: “Hey Everybody!” He singled out one person who was dressed in a head-to-toe Polar Bear suit: “Hey Polar Bear!” he said with a laugh. (Polar Bear had been holding an anti-Keystone pipeline sign, but it was unclear whether the President saw the sign). With a few more waves to other spectators near the clubhouse, POTUS left the Golf Course shortly before 2:30pm.

Motorcade is now at the Marine Base en route to a location TBD.

Maeve Reston
Los Angeles Times

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