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Pool Report #3

Phnom Penh

November 20, 2012




No news from Potus-Noda pool spray, mostly just the standard paeons to the alliance.


Potus spoke for three minutes, including translation. “This becomes another opportunity for us to reaffirm the extraordinary alliance.” He said they would discuss “the economic issues that the world is facing right now” and it would be “very important for us to coordinate effectively” on trade, investment and jobs.

PM Noda spoke for half as long, also with translation. He congratulated Potus on his reelection, expressed approval of the Asia pivot policy and alluded to the tension with China without raising it explicitly. “I welcome the U.S. policy to place importance on the Asia-Pacific region,” Noda said through a translator. He added: “With the increasing severity of the security environment in East Asia, the importance of the Japan-U.S. alliance is increasing.”


Potus was seated at a long table with SecState Clinton on his right and a translator on his left. Also on his side of the table were Tom Donilon, Kurt Campbell, Mike Froman and Danny Russel. PM Noda and his team were seated on the opposite side. The table had yellow roses on it and each person had a small plate of three cookies each and coffee cups that were turned over. Potus had a cardboard coffee cup with a presidential seal on it. Behind the table were four flags, two U.S. and two Japanese.



Peter Baker

NY Times