Latest from the White House Press Pool – click to read the signs people held up

Subject: WH Travel Pool 8/22 #10: Syracuse


Syracuse —


After roughly 90 minute drive from Seneca Falls in rainy conditions, motorcade stopped at 5:54pm at Henninger High School.


Strategically positioned at the highway offramp in the city was a digital billboard reading: “Welcome to Syracuse President OBAMA.”


Closer to the event site, less welcoming signs mixed in with supporters. Most of them were of the anti-fracking variety, including ones that read “Don’t Frack with New York.”


There was also a pocket of demonstrators on the situation in Egypt, one sign reading: “Stop military coup in Egypt.”


Pool now in event site awaiting POTUS speech. Spotted near press file is CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who will interview the president after his remarks. That’s two Cuomos in one day, after POTUS started the day being greeted in Buffalo by the NY gov.


Background on the event, per the WH:


Henninger High School is one of five comprehensive high schools in the Syracuse City School District. The district has partnered with Syracuse University, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and Onondaga Community College to create Early College High School Programs allowing more than 700 students to earn college credits this past year alone. Of more than 900 students who graduated from the Syracuse City School District’s Class of 2013, 515 earned college credit. SCSD is also the first Say Yes to Education district in the nation. Through a powerful partnership between the District, city and county governments, and higher education – a comprehensive approach which promotes lifelong success for Syracuse students and their families – access to college opportunities has dramatically increased. The district and its partners provide comprehensive supports and services year round designed to address the key barriers to high school graduation and college access. Say Yes partners with participating public and private institutions of higher education offering high school graduates the opportunity to attend college for free, through its last dollar scholarship. Say Yes has given out more than $2.5 million in Say Yes scholarships over four years, allowing nearly 2,000 Say Yes students in Syracuse to enroll in two- and four-year public and private colleges, and the organization has contributed additional support to students beyond scholarship aid, including summer employment programs, SAT prep, tutoring, financial counseling for students and families, college tours, and pre-college summer success academies.


Student Introducing POTUS:


Emilio Ortiz is a rising senior at Corcoran High School, one of the five high schools in the Syracuse City School District, and lives in Syracuse, New York.




In the audience for the President’s remarks are students who represent the five high schools in the Syracuse City School District, faculty and members of the Syracuse community.




Michael Memoli

Tribune Washington Bureau