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Subject: Pool report #2 – Cabinet room spray at top of meeting


Pool report No. 2, Sept. 30, 2013

Pool spray before Cabinet meeting

Pool ushered into Cabinet room at 5:18 pm for brief statement by POTUS, with Cabinet members seated around the big oval table, and senior staff seated along the walls.

POTUS said the Cabinet is focused on making sure “core essential functions continue” during a shutdown and also managing “what’s going to potentially be a very difficult situation for the employees of all these agencies who are doing outstanding, very difficult work all across the country.”

POTUS sat in center of far side of table across from doors. To the left of POTUS: Secretary of State John Kerry, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Education Secretary Arne Duncan. To the right of POTUS: Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter (sitting in for Chuck Hagel), Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. That’s all I could see.

After statement, cacophony of shouted questions, none of them answered.

Pool whisked out at 5:19 pm.

Linda Feldmann

Christian Science Monitor