Local press says President Bush 43 was booed – true?

Subject: WH Pool Report No. 7 – Obama speech color

‎White House Pool Report No. 7
Obama speech color
‎December 10, 2013

‎Obama’s speech was initially not displayed on the jumbo video monitors even though others earlier, such as Ban Ki Moon’s, were.

Instead, a graphic was shown featuring a photo of Mandela.

About 5 minutes into Obama’s remarks, the video feed came up, producing a big cheer.

Obama also got a loud cheer when he repeated the Mandela quote the president offered‎ during his remarks on Mandela at the White House last week. It’s the one about fighting white domination and black domination.

Acoustics also very difficult in the stadium, with some of Obama’s speech especially early on.

Local press accounts say Bush was booed when he was shown on the video monitor, as was current South African President Zuma.

Rained hard throughout much of Obama’s speech but near very‎ end sky brightened.

Another big roar from the crowd when Obama finished his roughly 15 minute speech. In addition to shouting and applause, the sound of the horn made famous during the world Cup, the Vuvuzela, filled the stadium.

As Obama walked away from the stage after his speech, people rushed through the stands to see him. It appeared he stopped for a few moments to shake hands with the crowd, though again it was hard to see due to our angle and a bevy of umbrellas.

We expect Obama to return to his seat in the VIP section for the remainder of the program.

While pool had been led to believe there would not be consecutive translation of non-English speakers, that has proven to be incorrect. So program slowing down now as Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff speaks in Portuguese which is then translated to English. And the video feed is down again.

Josh Gerstein