Look where President Obama is (his wife is at Aspen skiing)

Below is news about the President’s vacation.   If you read GretaWire, you know that the President and Mrs. Obama are taking separate vacations.  We will be discussing at 10pm ON THE RECORD this vacation…so tune in at 10pm.

Subject: Travel pool #8


Palm Beach int’l airport


AF1 wheels down 8:27 PM Eastern.

POTUS, no coat, no tie, disembarked at under a light rain at 8:37 and worked a ropeline for a couple minutes. Temps are in the mid 60s. Pool went to their party-like bus (sound system playing “Gangnam Style”…) and motorcade rolled at 8:41.


Tangi Quéméner

White House Correspondent

Agence France-Presse