Marine One has a “wobbly” landing – click to read

Subject: Pool Report #1


President Obama is back at the White House.


Marine One came in a touch wobbly – wobbly enough to note here – but ultimately soundly. Your pooler could espy “Peekin’” Pete Souza, um, peeking out of the open back door of the help after landing, preparing for an arrival photo.



The President alighted at 11:45 am and headed into the residence – a quick wave to the media, no acknowledgement of a volley of shouted questions. He was wearing a dark overcoat and seemed to be chewing on something. Souza, Jay Carney, Alyssa Mastromonaco, and Eric Schultz trailed at the prescribed respectful distance. Carney gave the smile-and-non-committal-chin-jerk response to a question about whether the President would have something to say publicly about the fiscal cliff situation.



(Reader poll*: Better symbol for fiscal cliff talks – That today marks 33 years since the Soviet takeover in Afghanistan? Or 108 years since “Peter Pan” opened in London? Or 117 years since the deadly barroom brawl that gave us “Stagger Lee”?)


(*not actually a reader poll)


Olivier Knox

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