More details on President Obama’s afternoon of golf

From the White House Press Pool…

After four hours on the golf course, the president ‎was wrapping up his afternoon around 5:30 pm. The pool got word that his foursome was starting the 17th hole at 5:41 p.m. ‎They started hole 18 at 5:58 pm. At 6:17 pm, the state troopers who sat watch at the entry all day hopped on their motorcycles and sped off. At 6:24 pm, the motorcade pulled out.

This time line is the only detail your pool can offer on the afternoon of golf, other than to say it was a clear, cool day. We held at the entry of the drive to the course. We did not see the foursome at any point.

We are expecting ‎a lid shortly after arrival at the presidential vacation home. It appears the president will dine in.‎