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Does this really need to be secret?  I don’t think so.

See below the latest White House Press Pool report and note that ONLY photographers allowed in and information was provided to the pool from a “White House official.”   When the print reporters are kept out, as well as the TV reporters with video cameras, and the message comes from a “White House official,” there is no transparency and the White House manipulates the message.  

How could this meeting possibly be secret?

Subject: Pool Report 1


Pool Report 1

July 11, 2014

Executives meeting

The White House provides this note on today’s business meeting (only photographers were allowed into a brief pool spray):


Background from a White House Official:


The President is meeting with company executives and their small business suppliers to discuss ways to strengthen our economy. The President will announce the creation of SupplierPay, a new partnership with the private sector to strengthen small businesses by increasing their working capital, so they can grow their businesses and hire more workers.



· Patrick “Pat” Allin, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO, Textura Corporation

· Chris Ballinger, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President of the Americas Region, Toyota Financial Services

· Scott Becker, Senior Vice-President, Administration and Finance, Nissan North America, Inc.

· Maurice Brewster, President & CEO, Mosaic Global Transportation

· Helen Burt, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Pacific Gas & Electric Company

· Gary Butler, President & CEO, Precision Custom Components, LLC

· Carl Camden, President & CEO, Kelly Services, Inc.

· Dominic Caruso, Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer, Johnson & Johnson

· Kermit Crawford, President, Pharmacy, Health and Wellness, Walgreens Co.

· Lisa Edwards, Senior Vice President, Corporate Services and Strategic Sourcing, Inc.

· Rick Frazier, Chief Product Supply & Service Officer, Coca-Cola Refreshments

· Jim Guyette, President & CEO, Rolls-Royce North America Inc.

· Ralph Harper, CEO, Dployit, Inc.

· Jeff Herman, CEO & Founder, Deep Dive Design, LLC.

· Ramzi Hermiz, President & CEO, Shiloh Industries, Inc.

· Phillip Kretekos, CEO, Metal Impact LLC

· Stan Litow, Vice President, Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs, IBM; President, IBM International Foundation

· Monica Maldonado, President & CEO, Interprint Communications Inc.

· Beatriz “Betty” Manetta, President & CEO, Argent Associates

· Barbara Manzi, President & CEO, Manzi Metals, Inc.

· Dr. Glenville March Jr., Co-Founder and CEO, March Vision Care, Inc.

· Tom Mathis, Chief Sourcing Officer, Milliken & Company

· Dr. J. Mario Molina, President & CEO, Molina Healthcare, Inc.

· Thomas “Tom” Moriarty, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, CVS Caremark

· Edward “Ted” Oh, President & CEO, U.S. Fibers

· Necole Parker, CEO, The Elocen Group, LLC

· Mike Ricketts, President & CEO, Quality Packaging Specialists International, LLC

· Jason Robertson Sr., President & CEO, Planned Packaging of Illinois Corporation

· Daniel Roderick, President & CEO, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, LLC

· Venu Sarakki, President, Sarakki Associates Inc.

· Rick Schostek, Executive Vice President, Honda North America, Inc.

· Brent Shafer, CEO, Philips North America

· Kevin Shurn, President, Superior Maintenance Co.

· Brad Smith, CEO, Intuit Inc.

· John Stephens, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, AT&T Inc.

· Bruce Tanner, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Lockheed Martin Corporation

· Maria Thompson, Founder & CEO, Agile Sourcing Partners, Inc.

· Billy Vickers, President & CEO, Modular Assemblies Innovations

· Jeff Williams, Senior Vice President, Operations, Apple Inc.

· Monte Wood, President, Opus Events Agency LLC


White House and Administration Participants:


· Small Business Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet

· Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President

· Jeff Zients, Director of the National Economic Council




David Jackson