Notes from President Obama’s speech to Planned Parenthood

Subject: In town print pool #4 and correction


Walking from the motorcade your pooler spotted POTUS heading into the West Wing.


Notes from Planned Parenthood Speech:


President Obama was introduced to the crowd estimated at nearly 1,000 attendees by Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards who remarked that POTUS was the first sitting president to ever address a Planned Parenthood group.



The event was the planned Parenthood National Conference meeting, not its Gala which went on as planned last evening.



Richards introduced the president by saying “Because of president Obama being a woman is no longer a pre existing condition in America.”



POTUS took the stage to a standing ovation.



He started his speech telling the crowd about the great things the organization does.



“One core principal has guided everything you do: that women should make their own decisions about their health.”


He went on to bash Congress members remarking “Yet there are those in Congress who still want to turn back the clock with policies of the 1950s in the 21st century.”



He brought up the Affordable Care Act mentioning its ability to make birth control free and provide free health care screenings to women.



In one of his last remarks POTUS told the crowd, ” that’s why no matter how great the challenge of opposition… Planned Parenthood is not going anywhere.”



Miranda Green

Newsweek and The Daily Beast