Now President Obama visits President Peres – click

 Paying a call on Shimon Peres POTUS left the King David Hotel at 3:55, local time, for the residence of the Israeli president. Motorcade snaked through the streets of Jerusalem, arriving in about five minutes. Across the street from the gated, contemporary-style residence are apartment blocks, where half a dozen residents have hung banners calling for the release of Jonathan Jay Pollard. Pool was escorted to a garden with flower beds and stone walkways behind the house. POTUS and President Peres strolled together in the late-afternoon sunlight to gaze at fig and olive trees and then to dedicate a small magnolia tree that is a gift of POTUS. "A magnolia tree, just like what we have outside the White House," Obama said to reporters. "I want everyone to know, this was on Air Force One." Turning over two spades of dirt on the freshly-planted tree, Obama said, "It is an incredible honor to offer this tree to this beautiful garden, and to someone who is champion of the Israeli people and a champion of peace." "And we're very good gardeners," POTUS added. The two men then began a bilateral meeting inside. Pool could not hear comments beforehand. Secretary of State John Kerry took a seat to Obama's right. Ambassador Michael Oren to Peres' left. Background from WH: "President Obama will plant a magnolia tree in President Peres' garden to signify the strong roots of the relationship between the United States and Israel.  The tree the President will plant is a descendant of an original magnolia tree from the White House grounds, and will be planted close to the olive tree planted by Pope Benedict in 2009.  While in President Peres' garden, President Obama will also view the "miracle tree", an intertwined pair of the two iconic trees of Israel, the fig and olive."   Mark Landler NY Times