Pool report 3 from Amsterdam

Subject: Pool #3 – statements

After a half hour meeting, POTUS and PM Rutte spoke with Night Watch as backdrop. You’ll get transcript soon, but some highlights:
-said the leaders discussed climate vacancies (see coal burning power plants initiative), trade, Syria, Iran, and Ukraine. He said he and POTUS condemn Russia’s annexation of Crimea, calling it a “flagrant breech of international law.”
-POTUS followed:
He said “I’m proud to be here with some of the Dutch masters I studied in school,” adding that “this is easily the most impressive backdrop I’ve had for a press conference.”
-on Ukraine, he said, “Europe and America are united in support of the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian people,” adding that the Russia would “pay a price” for moving into Crimea.
-he thanked the Netherlands for assistance in helping destroy Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, and said their climate change discussion focused on rising sea levels, a particular concern of the Dutch.

Marine 1 wheels up for the airport at 11:10am. Uneventful helo ride back and we’re rolling at 11:30am to the ambassador’s residence for Xi bilat…

Scott Wilson
White House Bureau Chief
The Washington Post