Pool report #6 from Japan

Subject: Pool report #6

After the recorded message from the astronauts, Potus examined a vast globe strung from the ceiling on which was projected a computerized representation of the swirling precipitation patterns mentioned in the previous report.

In the highlight of the tour, Potus interacted with a humanoid robot which was about the size of a 10 year old child and was dressed in an astronaut suit.

The robot’s movements were eerily realistic as it went through its paces for the president.

“It’s nice to meet you,” it said in a metallic voice. At one point the robot approached a soccer ball and told the president “I can kick a soccer ball too,”

“Ok come on,” said Obama.

The robot then took a couple of steps back as if to size up the kick then ran up to the ball and delivered a hefty punt.

Potus trapped the ball with his foot and was clearly impressed and amused by the robot

“How about that, that was pretty impressive,” he said. Then the robot told the president it had learned to jump and started to demonstrate.

Below are details of the tour guides at each stop to match pictures

Tour Stop 1:
Shu Nagata
Univ of Tokyo Science

Runa Koizuma
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Tour Stop 2:
Iida Satoru
International Christian Univ

Nao Yamamoto
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Tour Stop 3: Closed Press
Kaito Oba
Yuki Iwasaki
Arata Sakamaki
Yuki Nomura
-All attend Tamagawa Academy
Stephen Collinson
AFP White House Correspondent