Pres Bush 43 got off AF1 in Senegal

Subject: WH Pool Report No. 2 – Andrews arrival

‎White House Pool Report No. 2
AF1 Arrival Joint Base Andrews
December 11, 2013

Uneventful flight from Dakar. No POTUS or FLOTUS sighting. Maybe should say neither of the POTUSes or FLOTUSes‎.

Wheels down at 5:24 AM, current POTUS and FLOTUS down stairs at 5:34 AM.

However, we learned here at Andrews that Bush 43 disembarked in Senegal to give a speech, according to WH. Laura ‎came off at Andrews a few minutes after Obamas and got into a small motorcade.‎ It later drove her all the way to the terminal building

Marine One wheels up at 5:48 AM, after some back and forth to the plane by staff.

Special thanks to the White House press and advance staff for arrangements made on short notice for this trip.

That concludes our 45-hour Mandela farewell jaunt.

Josh Gerstein