President Bush 41 greets the Obamas

George HW Bush was waiting  at Bush Intercontinental. Seated in a scooter. He smiled as the Obamas came down the steps, as did they. They stood on either side and spoke with him for several minutes, she on his right side holding his hand, the president with a hand gently on Bush’s left shoulder at times. Bush touched the back of his leg. All very friendly gestures and body language. Lots of smiles.

Pelosi came down. Followed by Sheila Jackson Lee. Each got a kiss and embrace. Al Green also leaned in for a chat.

“I just wanted to say hi to the president.” Bush said as Obama worked a spectator pen.

Jay Carney came over to say hello. Introduced himself.
“I know who you are,” Bush said, smiling.

A number of poolers (me included) shook his hand. His was warm and firm.

To Doug Mills. “Look at you. You don’t look any older.”

Peter Baker mentioned last wekend’s reunion at the Bush library in College Station. “That was a nice event,” Bush said.

Bush wore a patterned blue blazer with flag lapel pin, light khaki pants and light blue shirt. Socks have red white and royal blue stripes.

Thanks to copooler Peter Baker.

Motorcade rolling.