President in the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden

Subject: Pool report 2


April 22, 2013

Pool report 2


POTUS, wearing a dark suit, light blue tie and no overcoat, stepped into the Jacqueline Kennedy Garden at 1:41 p.m.


“Hello! How’s it going everyone.”


Hundreds of yellow tulips are blooming on a cool, windy day. We can hear protestors yelling in the distance from the front of the White House, but we can’t determine what they are saying.


Students stood in front of five tables to explain their inventions to POTUS. Each exhibit has a poster next to the table.


Some of the 10 students were dressed in suits or black dresses. Others were wearing matching light blue polo shirts.


At most exhibits, POTUS kept his hand in his pockets. He asked each team of students for an explanation of their project. Many sounded like they had rehearsed their speeches. POTUS nodded his head as he listened, occasionally asking question.


POTUS asked each child where they were from and what great they are in.


Please consult previous report for names and inventions.


At the first exhibit, POTUS spoke to a young woman wearing a black suit from Oregon.


“We’re so proud of you. Keep up the good work.”


At the second exhibit, POTUS: “What would be the practical application of this?”


More to come.


Pool could not hear all remarks. The students spoke softly and at one point we were moved away out of hearing range.


Pool ushered out of garden at 1:55 pm. POTUS remained to see the last exhibit.


At 2:20, POTUS is in the East Room for remarks at Science Fair. Event is open press.


Anita Kumar

White House Correspondent

McClatchy Newspapers