President Obama … after dinner in Denver

Subject: Travel Pool Report #4 — an evening stroll


After about an hour at the Wazee Supper Club, President Obama departed the restaurant and headed to the motorcade. He was halfway in the presidential limousine when he changed course and decided to head down 15th Street and greet the crowds that had formed.


Obama strode down the street, shaking hands and meeting people. He worked both sides of the street, calling kids over to meet him. One woman asked for a high five, and Obama obliged. “High fives, fist bumps,” he said as he offered a few of each.


“Thank you for the work that you do,” one woman said. Others cheered as he approached.


One onlooker wore a large horse head, but it’s unclear what message he hoped to convey to the president.


Obama commented on one boy’s Red Sox shirt, and he told two other boys that he would make an exception to his no photos declaration and pose for a picture.


“What’s going on?” Obama asked as he made his way over to another group on the corner.


He spent about 10 minutes shaking hands along two blocks and chatting with enthusiastic onlookers.


At 7:59 p.m., the motorcade is rolling.