President Obama says the robots “were a little scary”

Subject: Pool report #7

Following the robot demos, Potus stopped to make remarks to some students, lauding the “incredible cooperation” in science and technology between the US and Japan.

“I have to say that the robots were a little scary, they were too lifelike. They were amazing,” he said.

“All of those exhibits, I think show the incredible breakthroughs in technology and science that are happening every single day.”

“Historically Japan and the United States have been at the cutting edge of innovation.

“Japan and the United States have historically led the way in innovations that have changed our lives and improved our lives,” he said mentioning early calculators and smart phones.

He said he was so pleased the US and Japan were renewing a 10 year agreement that makes so much technological cooperation possible. He also mentioned the agreement mentioned at the presser to send more Japanese students to the US to study.

“Young people like you have more technology and more power than even the greatest innovators of previous generations so there is no limit to what you can achieve,” Obama said.

He said he was proud of the students and counterparts in the US and asked Japanese students to go to the US.

“Gambatte kudasai — you can do this thing if you apply yourselves.”

A Japanese journalist said the Japanese phrase can be translated as “Make an effort, please.”

Motorcade rolling again.

Stephen Collinson
AFP White House Correspondent