President Obama and Newtown families head to Bradley Air National Guard Base

Motorcade rolling back to Bradley Air National Guard Base at 6:21p

It is an extra long motorcade to accommodate the Newtown family members who are flying back to Washington with POTUS.

Your pooler observed some Newtown family members get into adjacent vans in the motorcade. Lawmakers including Sens. Blumenthal and Murphy loaded another van.

Some signs as motorcade pulled out of the university: “You are in our prayers, Newtown families” and “Pray for Newtown.”

One man held a sign reading “Support the Second Amendment.”

Some color from the speech: POTUS was wearing a green bracelet, likely in support of the Newtown families who lost loved ones that day. They matched the green ribbons worn by so many in the crowd.

Also, crowd count at the speech was 3,100, according to fire marshal.