President Obama at a basketball tournament in Hawaii – click to read

In his first public outing today, POTUS has arrived at approx 7:47pm ET at the Diamond Head Classic basketball tournament where Oregon State (coached by his brother in law) is playing Akron.





Potus has just arrived at the Diamond Head Classic basketball tournament

This is at the Stan Sheriff Center at university of Hawaii


Potus brother in law Craig Robinson is coach of Oregon State University basketball team

Oregon state is here playing university of Akron (ohio)

Game was slated to start at 230 pm Hawaii time

ESPN is carrying the game fyi

This is the first round in the tournament

Other games here earlier today

Iowa State vs George Mason university

Later tonight South Carolina plays Saint Marys

And finally University of Hawaii against

Boise State University

White House Pool Report No. 3

Dec. 22, 2013

Kailua, Hawaii


At roughly 2:18 p.m. local, President Obama departed his residence. The

pool joined the motorcade near the top of Kailuana Place, not far from the

exit of the neighborhood, and we are now rolling to a TBD location. (It is

probably worth noting here that Oregon State, coached by Michelle Obama’s

brother, Craig Robinson, is playing Akron in the Diamond Head Classic

basketball tournament scheduled to start at roughly 2:30 p.m. local



Your pool was unable to glimpse Obama in his SUV. As he left the

neighborhood, a gaggle of bathingsuit-clad kids gathered on the corner to

wave at the motorcade, and locals gathered on the first several dozen

yards of the main street (outside the security perimeter) to watch Obama

pass by.


Ashley Parker

The New York Times

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