President Obama at a fundraiser at home of Harvey Weinstein…also present Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Tommy Hilfiger, Jay Carney and others

Subject: Pool report 4 Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Pool was ushered into Harvey Weinstein’s 5 story West Village town

home for POTUS’s remarks to the assembled donors. The ground floor

room contained 8 tables of 8, covered in white linen with roses as a


Several White House staffers were seated at the tables including Dan Pfeiffer and Jay Carney. Patrick Gaspard was standing in the right

side of the room (POTUS’s) right.

Co-pooler David Nakamura spotted SEO favorites Justin Timberlake and

Jessica Biel were seated near Mr. Weinstein. We are also reliably

informed that Tommy Hilfiger was in the room.

POTUS spoke for about 9 minutes. He said in the second term “you start thinking about history and a longer sweep of time.” He said

“the 3 1/2 I’ve got is not a lot of time.” He talked about visiting

disaster sites in Boston and West Texas and being impressed with the

spirit of the people. He said he wanted to “see if we can

institutionalize that.”


More coming from David Nakamura on Obama comments about hyper

partisanship and the Republicans.


Dave Cook

CS Monitor