President Obama at Texas fundraiser – click to read pool report

Subject: travel pool report #7/second Dallas DSCC event

At the home of Russell Budd, pool was ushered upstairs to find Obama standing in front of a living room set with four round tables, elegantly covered in gold tablecloths, nothing left of dinner but wine glasses and coffee cups. 25 guests. Two I recognized besides Budd were Domingo Garcia (lawyer, ex Dallas councilman and ex-state House member, lost to Rep. Marc Veasey in the 2012 primary) and his wife Elba Garcia, a dentist and a current Dallas County commissioner).

Obama spoke for about 8 minutes before pool was dismissed so he could have some private time with the big dollar donors. Much truncated version of the previous speech. Talked about “folks that aren’t acting responsibly” in the GOP…. “I have to say that I am a proud Democrat and committed to the values that the Democratic Party represents, but I’m also interested in getting the Republican Party back in a functioning state, because this country has two parties, we need both of them operating in a way that allows us to move forward.”

Pool in vans at 8:30pm CT awaiting trip back to Love Field.

Todd J. Gillman
Washington Bureau Chief
The Dallas Morning News