President Obama finishes his tour of toy factory

Subject: Pool report 4


President Obama completed a quick factory tour (see report below) and a crowd of 350 is waiting for his remarks, which are open press.


The president will deliver remarks from the factory tour, where several large-scale K’Nex building toys – a ferris wheel and a few roller coasters – are off to the right of the stage under a flag made of K’Nex.


Verification on crowd count of 350:


Mikele Waldron

Fire Marshall

Hatfield Township




Co-pooler Christi Parsons assisted with the report on the factory tour:


In a tour of the Rodon factory, the president saw several steps of the toy making process.


In the factory Tool Room, the president stopped at two precision grinding machines, used on the steel parts used to mold K’NEX toys.


Potus asked a question about “marketshare” of his two company guides, then mimmicked a couple of boxing blows. He followed up with questions about how they made the Angry Bird business pitch. Hard to hear his exact words over the grinding machine.


On the manufacturing floor, he stopped at a machine that creates the tops for K’NEX toys tubs.


He also saw an injection molding machine used to create the flexible chains on K’NEX toy roller coasters — andan beside it, the chains assembled into a bright orange KNEX roller coaster with moving parts.


“This is spectacular here,” he said, admiring the toy someone had built.




The tour guides, per the WH:


Michael Araten (dark hair, blue shirt)


Joel Glickman (grey hair)


Robert Glickman (shaved head)





Carrie Budoff Brown