President Obama in Germany – visiting wounded warriors on the base as AF1 refuels and prepares to head back to DC

Subject: Travel pool report #5

Ramstein Air Base, Germany
March 29, 2014

AF1 was wheels down at 2:47pm local time. President Obama is visiting wounded warriors on the base. It is closed press.

POTUS stepped off the plane at 2:59pm, wearing a suit but no tie. He greeted (names per the WH): General Frank Gorenc, USAF Europe Commander; and Brigadier General Patrick Mordente, Wing Commander, Ramstein AFB. He saluted them as he got to the bottom of the steps. When shaking their hands he appeared to give them something he pulled from his pocket.

There was a black SUV waiting for him, with the doors held open, but POTUS decided to walk and stretch his legs. His two greeters walked with him. The motorcade rolled very slowly behind him, at the same pace pool is walking at. It’s beautiful weather at Ramstein – sunny and warm.

The walk was about 10 minutes to a building on the base. Pool is holding nearby.

Carol Lee
The Wall Street Journal