President Obama is at the vigil in Connecticut

Subject: Pool Report #4

Newtown High School


The pool is inside the auditorium that will be used for the multi-faith vigil which is due to begin at 7 pm. A White House official said the president will spend most of the time until then meeting the families of the victims of those killed in the shootings as well as first responders.


Families are filing into a large lecture style hall in a somewhat surreal atmosphere. There is a hum of conversation as people greet and hug people they know. Several hundred people are in here already. There are a large number of elementary school age children with their parents. Some of the kids are carrying cuddly toys and teddies, including several with small light brown soft dogs.


The presidential podium, including a seal, is set up on a stage at the front of the room, with a black backdrop. There is one US flag and one Connecticut flag behind the podium.



Stephen Collinson