President Obama is “concerned and angry” – click to find out why

Subject: Travel pool report #6

AF1 landed back at Andrews at 12:01. The president and First Lady walked down the steps together, holding hands, and then boarded Marine One. They are headed back to the White House.

Jay Carney gaggled on the brief flight. The transcript should be coming soon. Your pooler did not hear news, but these two items may be considered noteworthy:

He called the 9-11 tour “moving” and said president and First Lady had time to talk to Clintons and others. Carney offered no detail on the conversations. He did confirm that Potus saw a red bandana once owned by Welles Crowther. The bandana is one of the artifacts displayed in the museum.

On the VA troubles, Carney was asked if Obama is ‘mad as he’ll’ like Sec. Shinseki. He said:

“He certainly is concerned and angry about the allegations we’ve seen” in the Phoenix office. If they are true “that would be outrageous.”

Your pooler heard no new information onNigeria or Ukraine.

Handing off to in-town pooler.