President Obama says adios to Martha’s Vineyard

Subject: Travel pool report #3- depart RON


The motorcade with POTUS, FLOTUS and the first family departed the rental house at 8:05pm and we are headed to the LZ for the lift to Cape Cod and the flight home on AF1.


Look to Mark Knoller of CBS News for all the official stats, but by my count, the departure comes after 15 days, three presidential statements, two briefings, nine rounds of golf, two hikes, three dinners out, a party with Hillary, one night of fireworks, and many, many hours in Press 1 or Press 2 vans without consistent cell service.


On behalf of the several poolers who rotated through during the past two weeks, it has been a pleasure to serve as your eyes and ears on the island.



Bye, Martha’s Vineyard.



Michael D. Shear

White House Correspondent

The New York Times