President Obama says “”We have one party that has no agenda other than making government not work” – click to read more

Subject: WH travel pool report #6 – remarks


Obama opened his remarks at the DCCC fundraiser saying he wanted

mostly to answer questions, but said he’d offer a “Couple of

observations” — his mostly standard fundraising remarks.

He Said When came into office, economy was bad, but said

“The Record of last 5 years is some pretty remarkable progress,” he

said, citing job growth, deficit cut and health care.

There is “No country that wouldn’t gladly trade places w us,” he said,

adding “And yet there’s a lot of anxiety out there.”

He dropped the mention from last night about global events prompting

anxiety. But said a 20 30 year trend of salaries not increasing and

Second, “it feels as if Washington doesn’t work

“And those 2 things are related,” he said.

“We know what works, this is not a technical problem,” he said. “If we

just took some common sense steps… Reason we don’t is because

politics doesn’t work in Washington.”

He assailed Republicans, saying

We have one party that has no agenda other than making government not work ..

“It comes down to saying no to any efforts to help ordinary families

get ahead.”

Told the crowd: “I hope the reason u r here is because u want to get

something done.”

“I Would love nothing more than a loyal and rational opposition, but

that’s not what we have right now.”

He reprised his line that Democrats have a “congenital defect” and

don’t vote at midterms.

“I hope all of u get to work,” he said.

He closed by saying he’d take questions after the “fourth estate”

Was escorted out, looking over at poolers, sitting nearby.

“Nice fedora, I like that style,” he said to Reuters Jeff Mason.

To AP’s Jim Kuhnhenn he said, “the golf cap’s okay too.”

And w that, poolers were escorted out, but not w/O hearing a woman

start to say she had just returned as ambassador to Hungary


He also Made fun of his graying hair, saying there are photos of him going gray:

“You are chronicling the slow deterioration of Barack Obama”


He pointed out Pelosi in the crowd, saying “I need her back as Speaker

of the House.”

He also greeted Eshoo and several candidates

Attendees sat at round tables, eating quietly as Obama spoke.

He took mic at noon and spoke for about 15 mins, joking about the weather:

Two reasons I’m here

No 1 it’s nice

Second host’s granddaughter and I have a connection

“I may take her with me.”


The host introducing Obama, also noted “we would be much better if we

had r speaker back.”

Obama briefly walked near pool, talking w host

Remarks couldn’t be heard


Fundraiser was under a large white party tent pitched on half of a

tennis court in the backyard.

Behind the tennis court was a grove of olive trees and to the right, a

swimming pool with a bar.

Spotted in the audience was Pelosi, who was also spotted aboard the

helicopter en route here



Lesley Clark

White House Correspondent

McClatchy Newspapers