President Obama talks to the Governors – and teases some (click to read)


Subject: Pool report No. 1


POTUS remarks to governors in State Dining Room


Feb. 24, 2014


After introduction from VP Biden, POTUS entered the State Dining Room

at 11:18 a.m, and spoke for 10 minutes.


“I enjoyed watching some of you with your eyes on higher office size

up the drapes – and each other,” he said of last night’s NGA dinner in

the same room.


Talked about working together on the 4 points of the “opportunity

agenda” — jobs, training, world-class education, and wages. Praised

those who have increased their state minimum wage. Recapped many

points of SOTU.


“The point is this has to be a year of action.”


“I am absolutely convinced that the time is right to partner with the

states and governors all across the country on these agendas, because

I know that you guys are doing some terrific work in your own states.”


“There may not be much of an appetite in Congress for doing big jobs

bills, but we can still do Select USA.”


Praised govs who have expanded Medicaid. “You’ve got Republican

governors here – I won’t name them in front of the press cuz i don’t

want to get y’all in trouble – who have chosen to cover more poeple

thru new options under medicaid, and as a result millions of people

are going to get help.”




The governors and senior WH staff sat at eight round tables, each of

which had a bowl of apples in the center.


Health Secy Sebelius sat next to Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam (R). The

two Terrys sat next to each othe r– Govs. Brandstad (R) of Iowa and

McAuliffee (D) of Virginia. NGA Chair Gov. Mary Fallin (R) Oklahoma

sat between VP Biden and Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett. Colorado Gov.

John Hickenlooper (D) sat on Biden’s other side. CEA chairman Jason

Furman next to Mass Gov. Deval Patrick (D). Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R)

sat next to NEC director Gene Sperling.


Also in the room: Dan Pfeiffer, John Podesta, Cecilia Munoz (next to

RI Gov. Lincoln Chafee), COS Denis McDonough, Ag Secy Tom Vilsack,


Linda Feldmann

Christian Science Monitor