President Obama’s 3rd and final fundraiser of the night – click to read what he said

Subject: WH travel pool #12


Third and last fundraiser of the night:

Obama said he’d just speak briefly, noted challenges of past years and

that people are worried about what that means for their children, but

he maintained he’d

“never been more optimistic” about the country.

“The one thing that has been holding us back is our government, he said.

“We saw tragic deaths in Sandy Hook, Newtown,” he said, but

legislation “got stalled because of politics”

He noted that “in Florida,” more people could have health care via

Medicaid, “but it’s not happening because of politics.”

He admitted he’s biased, but said if you look “objectively, at the Dem

party” it’s a “lot more aligned w what the American people believe and

what they care about” he said he’s “confident there’s going to be an

adjustment process” for the R’s

“If they’re rewarded for cooperation”

He raised women’s rights and climate changes as issues critical to a

Dem led Senate

Pool was escorted out after a few minutes and heard Obama saying he’d

open it up to questions

Obama spoke outside to people seated at a few small tables around the pool

Called FL Sen Bill Nelson one of the finest senators and called out to

him, “hey bill, you seen Gravity?”

Nelson had and called it “terrific”

Pool is holding across the street


And a big thanks to co-Pooler Kathleen Hennessey for helping out today


Lesley Clark

White House Correspondent

McClatchy Newspapers