President Obama’s direction at the Easter Egg roll — click


Subject: Pool report #2


Story time

Obama shook hands and gave high fives to members of the crowd as he made his way to the story time station. The crowd screamed when they saw Bo and Sunny.


There are only a handful of clouds. Otherwise it is sunny and starting to warm up in the crowd.

Obama said Where the Wild Things Are was one of his favorite books as a child. He read it to his girls and reads it every year at the Easter Egg Roll.


A sign language interpreter signed along. The president had the children roar, roll their eyes and show their claws along with the book. He even asked them to have a staring contest with him.


“Just remember when your mom tells you to do something, do it.” He said


Sarah D. Wire

Washington Correspondent

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette


Subject: Pool report #3


Basketball/ tennis


On the court was a man dressed as a mosquito. A few dozen children were shooting baskets with some professional players and barely noticed the president walk onto the basketball court.


Obama stood on the free throw line with his arms crossed as the kid finished up a drill.

“Have fun, keep it up,” he said

The kids chanted “shoot it, shoot it” prompting Obama to take three shots. He missed the first two but made the third.


Afterward he posed for more photos with the kids before walking over to cheer on the kids playing tennis.

After a few practice swings he played doubles with professional player Sam Querrey and two kids.

“Good shot, I like that form,” he said to the little boy wearing orange on his team.

“I love your sport, it’s a great sport,” he told the adults overseeing the game.


Photos available upon request.


Sarah D. Wire

Washington Correspondent

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette