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Another detail from first Powell Elementary classroom: As the President sat in the circle of 4- and 5-year-olds, the student who sat on his lap was Marcus Wesby.

A little more detail on te President’s budget remarks (please check quotes against transcript):

The President said his busget “clise tax loopholes” including the current system allowing the wealthy to avoid taxes on savings “even after they have multimillion-dollar retirement accounts.”

He said the budget is a “expands access to this kind of high-quality preschool opportunity.”

He said it would include funds to finance more post-high school apprenticeship programs, and is a “roadmap to creating jobs.”

He also mentioned funding to help prepare communities for climate change, and to expand the earned income tax credit, which he said “historically” has had bipartisan support.

“This budget is about our values,” President Obama said. “Do we protect tax breaks for re wealthy, or expand opportunity for every American?”

He said the budget will “Grow and strengthen” the middle class.

Another few details of his comments on the Ukraine:

He said that from the EU to Canada to the United States’ other allies around the world, the consensus is that Russian actions had violated international law.

He said Russian President Vladimir Putin “has a different set of lawyers, with a different interpretation,” but “that isn’t fooling anybody.”

He stressed that Ukraine has elections scheduled in May, and that the international community “should be invested” in seeing that those elections are “strong, robust and legitimate.”

The President added that there is “Still an opportunity for Russia to work with the international community” to resolve any issues for Russian-Speaking citizens in Crimea and elsewhere in Ukraine.

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David McCumber

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