President still golfing….but is getting updates

Subject: White House Pool Report No. 8


White House Pool Report No. 8

Dec. 23, 2013

Lanikai, a neighborhood in Kailua, Hawaii


The President is still golfing here at Mid-Pacific Country Club in Lanikai with Marvin Nicholson, Bobby Titcomb and Eric Whitaker (He arrived at the golf course at about 9:20am, for those of you keeping track). In the meantime, the White House passes along this background on the Affordable Care Act from a White House Official:


The President received a detailed update late yesterday from his health care team in Washington about the preparations for the upcoming Affordable Care Act deadlines. He was briefed on the efforts to ensure that the website could handle the large amount of traffic that was predicted and on efforts to ensure a smooth transition on January 1st. The President will receive additional updates in the days ahead about the website’s performance and other aspects of ACA implementation that are intended to maximize the benefits for the law for all Americans.


(See my earlier pool reports for background on the President’s decision to sign up over the weekend for a Bronze Plan through the DC exchange).



Maeve Reston

Los Angeles Times

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