Presidential license tag….


Subject: POTUS pool #7 + a clarification on license plates

POTUS motorcade back at White House, pulls in to South Lawn at 1:23pm. People stopping to snap pics/wave along route back from about the Tidal Basin until we pulled in. At the corners near the White House along 15th, crowds were actually of pretty healthy size -- over a hundred at each corner of intersection at the WH grounds east entrance.

We have a travel photo lid for the day.

CLARIFICATION on motorcade license plates:
There are THREE vans in the motorcade with Taxation without Representation plates. All three have license plate number 800 002, which i don't quite understand, but that's what it is. The rest are old plates, from Virginia, Maryland, and U.S. government.

Karoun Demirjian
Washington Correspondent
Las Vegas Sun