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Subject: FLOTUS pool report Xi’an

First Lady, daughters and mother arrived 1 pm at Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors, a burial place of about 8000 life size warriiors left by China’s first emperor, Qinshihuang (260 to 210 BC), FAmily stood on terrace looking down into what is known as Pit 1, as Cao Wei, gave description. Pool kept far away, no clue what was said. Michelle seemed to ask questions and gesture. Girls dressed in black tight fitting pants seemed vaguely interested. Family walked around one side of pit – about size of two football fields covered with arched ceiling like an airplane hangar. Family stepped into one end of pit to look at a phalanx of warriors being pieced together by archelogists and restoration experts. The line of warriors chosen for inspection seemed to be about same height as Michelle, some of the warriors are shorter. Each has a different facial stenographer. The site attracted 5 million visitors last year, one of China’s star tourist places. It was swept clean of people during Obama visit, a small crowd waited outside until the family left. Pool holding in van as we prepare to head for Xi’an city wall.

Jane Perlez
New York Times