Press pool got glimpse of President on golf course – click

Subject: Travel Pool Report #5 — a glimpse of golf

The pool was permitted to watch President Obama and his golf partners as they wrapped up the first hole at Farm Neck. Obama, in a white golf shirt, baseball cap and gray pants, carefully lined up a putt, bending down to the grass and taking a long look at the green before eventually making the short putt.

The pool did not witness any particularly impressive or embarrassing shots as each player took his turn putting. The foursome appeared to be having a pleasant but low-key conversation, but the pool was kept at a distance and could not hear the discussion.

After just a couple minutes at the first green, the pool was ushered away. The weather in Oak Bluffs is perfect for playing 18 holes — sunny and 79 degrees today.

The pool will be holding in a bus for the duration.

Colleen McCain Nelson
The Wall Street Journal