Press Pool notes on what President Obama just said before getting on Marine One

Subject: In-Town pool report remarks and departure


Under a partly cloudy sky, POTUS delivered brief (11 minute) remarks on Iraq the South Driveway before heading to Marine 1.


POTUS said he met yesterday with National Security Council and received additional briefing this morning. He spoke of “significant gains made by ISIL” and said they posed both “a danger to Iraq and its people and given the nature of these terrorist, it could pose a threat eventually to American interests as well.”


“We will not be sending US troops back into combat in Iraq,” but said he has asked his national security team for a “range of options that he will be reviewing in the days ahead.”


He stressed that Iraq would have to be the leader in a political solution. “This is not solely, or even primarily, a military challenge.”


He said the solution would require “serious and sincere effort by Iraq’s leader.”


“We can’t do it for them…this should be a wake-up call.”


POTUS — in dark suit and blue tie — took four questions, then walked by press pen, wishing everyone a Happy Father’s Day. He then walked near the residence and spent several minutes giving children high fives, as he met up with FLOTUS. He waved three times on his way to Marine 1. FLOTUS — in green top and dark pants — turned around and smiled after child yelled her name.


POTUS boarded at 12:11 and lifted off at 12;15 toward North Dakota.


Transcript to follow. Handing off to out of town pool.




Noah Bierman

Staff Writer

Boston Globe

Washington Bureau