Scenes from the presidential motorcade in Martha’s Vineyard

From the White House press pool

After a short ride pool approached an intersection where we are told someone dressed as “frost paw the polar bear” stood across the street. Frost paw is apparently a regular sight for motorcade riders and is trying to raise awareness about global warming.

Pool turned down a street and stopped in front of a home with a Texas flag hanging in front. A group of people including a guy holding a kayak paddle and a child of about 8 who was dancing waved to the motorcade. Hand pained signs reading “welcome Obama” and ova enjoy mv” were propped against a tree. We rolled around the corner.

Pool was led onto a lawn sporting a large white tent. Under it are tables with green tablecloths and flowers. A singer is belting out “signed sealed delivered” and here’s a gorgeous water view.

pool turned onto a small street where a small group of people including a kid waved to the motorcade