The First Family is on the move (and President Obama golfed with an actor today) – click to find out

Subject: Travel pool report #4


The First Family were on the move again at 7.12pm, with the motorcade heading out from their vacation home for a 20-minute drive to Edgartown on the island’s south side.


Large excited crowds had gathered behind yellow tape along the town’s main streets, although the pool did not see the Obamas arrive for dinner.

They are currently eating at Boathouse Club, according to the White House.


Pool is holding in a nearby restaurant.




Per print pool:


After spending two and a half hours on the beach, POTUS’s motorcade was rolling again at 12.31pm and arrived at Farm Neck Golf Club at 12.43pm.


His playing partners are Glen Hutchins,

Larry David and Ron Kirk, according to the White House.


It is POTUS’s fifth round of the vacation, although he only played nine holes instead of the full 18 on Thursday.


Pool is holding in the car park outside, no word on the whereabouts of the rest of the First Family.


Billy Kenber

Washington Post