the only VIP visitor was BO – click to read

notes from the pool traveling on AF1 with the President from Hawaii:

Subject: WH Travel Pool #12 – Wheels down Andrews


Air Force One was wheels up from Hickam AFB at 10:14pm Hawaii time, and touched down at Andrews at 11:19am Eastern.


Pool was told late in flight that Wednesday afternoon while in Hawaii, POTUS placed calls to the four congressional leaders – Speaker Boehner, Leader Pelosi, Leader Reid and Leader McConnell. No further readout.


The only VIP visitor to the press cabin came in on all fours. Yes, first dog Bo made the trip back to Washington with POTUS, instead of staying in Hawaii with the rest of the first family. He strolled into the press cabin three different times.


Currently taxiing.


Michael Memoli

Tribune Washington Bureau