This will make you feel like a fly on the wall

Subject: Travel pool report #15 -- a little color from the room 

The U.S. officials sitting at the table with Obama were:
1. Secretary John Kerry, Secretary of State
2. Tom Donilon, National Security Advisors
3. Rob Nabors, Deputy Chief of Staff
4. Mike Froman, Deputy National Security Advisor
5. Danny Russel, Senior Director of Asia
6. Evan Medeiros, Director of South East Asia

Obama sat at the middle of the table with a translator to his right.

The Chinese officials were all dressed in the same ensemble: dark suit, white dress shirt with the top button unbuttoned. No ties.

There was general adherence to the much discussed informality of this meeting. None of the Chinese wore ties. While the pool's view of a couple U.S. officials was obscured, no ties were evident. (will seek a better view during the next spray)

 Floral centerpieces sat between the two leaders. There two U.S. flags and two China flags at the far end of the room and a notetaker in the wings on each side.

The two leaders spoke directly to one another across the table, pausing every few sentences to allow for translation.

While the room was a relative respite from the heat outside, the meeting space was uncomfortably warm.

Colleen McCain Nelson
The Wall Street Journal