Those present at President Obama’s oath for term #2

Subject: WH pool report 10b — More oath details + FLOTUS dress + quote correction + lunch lid

Correction: Obama appeared to say “Mr. Chief Justice” when he thanked him at the end of the oath. Earlier quote omitted “Mr.”

FLOTUS was in a dark blue dress by Reed Krakoff, WH official says. Malia was wearing a blue dress and Sasha was wearing a purplish-fuschia(?) dress.
Also, after taking the oath the president hugged his wife and his daughters while his family clapped.
At the right side of the room sat Marian Robinson, the First Lady’s mother; the president’s sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, and other family Members, including a super-cute kid who was squirming in Maya’s arms.
Here is a list of family members in attendance provided by a WH official:

1.            Mrs. Marian Robinson

2.            Craig Robinson

3.            Leslie Robinson

4.            Avery Robinson

5.            Auma Obama

6.            Akinyi Manners

7.            Maya Soetoro-Ng

8.            Konrad Ng

9.            Savita Ng

10.          Suhaila Ng

11.          Kaye Wilson

12.          Wellington Wilson

John Roberts’ wife Michelle stood just to the family’s left.

We have a lunch lid until 6 p.m. 

-Steven T. Dennis
CQ Roll Call