Vice President pool report – VP meets up with woman with breast cancer

Subject: VP Pool report 2

Inside Moose & Sadie’s, Biden greeted Bessie Alyeshmerni, a 34-year-old U.S. Department of Justice attorney who returned home from Washington D.C. who moved home to Minneapolis after the breast cancer she was diagnosed with four years ago spread to her liver. Biden reached across the table and placed a hand on a her cheek as she told her story.
Alyeschmerni was inititally told she had months to live, but now has an estimated 3-5 years and is optimistic as medical advancements progress. She’s insured through the federal government–a good thing, she added, as her chemotherapy drugs cost an estimated $200,000 every nine weeks.
“It would have been a death sentence without my insurance,” she said. “One of the most frustrating is the socioeconomic groups that are told the’re not going to make it and it’s not because of our technology. There’s access to relief and they just can’t get it and it’s heartbreaking. I want everybody to have the same care. The stress of fighting cancer is enough, let alone the stress of figuring out how you’re going to pay for it.”