Wait until you see the First Family dessert list!

Subject: Pool Report #1


Happy Thanksgiving!


From a diligent and dutiful White House aide comes word that the President and his family are spending Thanksgiving with friends, family, and staff with a feast at the White House including six (!) different kinds of pie. (Mmmmmmmm, pie.)


Here, unchanged from the format in which it was shared by the White House, is the menu.


The First Family’s Thanksgiving menu will include:


• Turkey

• Ham

• Cornbread Stuffing

• Oyster Stuffing

• Greens

• Macaroni and cheese

• Sweet Potatoes

• Mashed Potatoes

• Green Bean Casserole

• Dinner Rolls



• Banana Cream Pie

• Pumpkin Pie

• Apple Pie

• Sweet Potato Pie

• Huckleberry Pie

• Cherry Pie