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Subject: Travel Pool No. 3

President Obama was greeted on the tarmac by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder,
Sen. Carl Levin, Rep. John Dingell and Detroit Mayor Dave Bing.
Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood walked off AF1 with POTUS and together
they greeted the guests.

Then Obama walked across to greet a few dozen people who were gathered a
few yards away. He could be heard saying, "Hey, how are you?" And, "It's a
little cold out here."

President Obama gave a Challenge coin to a veteran who was in the crowd.

At 12:53 p.m., the motorcade was rolling to Redford, Mich.

Background from a White House official:

President Obama will be led on a tour of the Heavy Duty Engines Line by
Plant Manager and Vice President of Operations Jeff Allen and UAW NW Local
163 Detroit Diesel Engine Unit Shop Chairperson Mark "Gibby" Gibson. During
the tour the President will see several steps in the engine production
process including the Piston Stuffing Area, the Head Subassembly & Install
and the Turbo Install. The President will speak to an audience composed
primarily of Detroit Diesel Corporation workers.

Philip Rucker
The Washington Post