Where is President Obama?

Subject: Travel pool #1 -- hotel departure and palace arrival

Greetings from Dakar, where President Obama is due for his first day of events on this three-country African tour. 

The schedule today includes a press conference and a tour of the slave house at Goree Island, but first we start with bilateral meeting with President Macky Sall. 

The beast pulled away from the sleek, seaside Radisson Blu at 9:24, just as the sun was starting to burn off morning haze. Right outside the hotel gate and along the route to the presidential palace were large signs with pictures of smiling Obama and Sall reading: "Welcome home, President Obama. We wish you a good stay." The coastal road also was lined with Senegalese and American flags. Sights passed along the way: the supreme court building, the Magic Land amusement park, and a freshly painted Martin Luther King mural. For most of the route, there were only scattered onlookers, until we approached the downtown area. Crowd there became several people thick and boisterous. Lots of drumming and whistles, dancing, women wearing white traditional clothing and head dresses. 

Most signs were in French. But two banners in English read:
"Welcome to Senegal, your home Obama" "Yes we can! President Obama and Macky Sall"

Motorcade pulled into the grand, white presidential palace at 9:37. Pooler did not see Obama arrive and had to run into a side entrance. We walked into a room where Obama was sitting with Sall, but pool was ushered through immediately. Heard no remarks. 

Welcome home president Obama we wish you a good stay