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Subject: Travel Pool Report #4


POTUS left Cafe Magnolia at 12:16 pm CT, and motorcade took the long way for what should have been a very short distance to downtown Austin, and the historic Paramount Theater on Congress Avenue, near the Capitol. We took the highway around South Austin to the city’s east and I-35, back north to the city center.

Downtown sizable crowds lined streets. We are now in the packed theater, which is much like your pooler remembers it from her journalistic youth in Austin. Awaiting POTUS speech on economy that is expected to be much like the one yesterday in Denver.

The stage has US and TX flags, including side-by-side giant versions hanging to form the backdrop (along with the typical assortment of about 50 supportive locals in bleacher-like seating). The natives are getting restless: a second aide just came out to make adjustments, drawing big cheers.



Jackie Calmes

National correspondent, The New York Times Washington bureau