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Subject: Travel pool report #1/San Francisco

Travel pool report #1

San Francisco

Pool is in vans outside the Intercontinental San Francisco, awaiting
the president in a light drizzle. Dreary morning on the left coast.
Unclear whether we drive or chopper to Silicon Valley.

Background on today’s DNC events, from “a DNC official":

On Thursday, April 4, President Obama will attend two DNC events at
private homes in Atherton, California. Tickets for the two events
range from $1,000 to $32,400. Approximately 30 people will attend the
first event and 250 people will attend the second. Strong supporters
of the President from the Silicon Valley area will attend both events.
 At the second event, (Calif.) Attorney General Kamala Harris will
speak prior to President Obama and Congressman Mike Honda will attend.

The DNC official clarified that attendees at each event are paying
ticket prices across that very broad range, though the smaller event
is skewed toward high-end donors.

Not from the DNC but reported publicly: The first event is a brunch at
the home of Liz Simons and Mark W. Heising. He is managing director of
the San Francisco investment firm Medley Partners , and a board member
of Environmental Defense Fund. The second event is a lunch at the home
of John D. Goldman, philanthropist and Levi Strauss heir, and his
wife Marcia Goldman.

Some background on last night’s DCCC events, from a different
Democratic official:

These were the first of the 2014 election cycle featuring Obama. They
two events (a cocktail reception with about 100 people at the home of
Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor, and dinner with 75 people at the home of
Ann and Gordon Getty) together raised $3.25 million for the DCCC. The
Getty dinner is an annual event for Nancy Pelosi.

Todd Gillman
Dallas Morning News