Where is President Obama? click to find out (and a note from me)


Note from me:  I don’t begrudge a President some downtime…they do live in bubbles and have problems 24/7…but I confess, I am annoyed he can’t help with Sgt Tahmooressi.  As he travels to play golf right now, he could make a 3 minute call back to the President of Mexico and say, ‘yesterday when we spoke, I forgot to mention our US Marine in your Mexican prison…is there anyway  you could help fast track the judicial process for our Marine? I want him home in the USA…he did two tours in Afghanistan and has PTSD.”  Note also, I refrained from posting a picture on this posting of the President playing golf.  I thought that too snarky. 

Subject: WH Print Pool Report 2, 6/21/2014


Obama arrives at Ft. Belvoir


After an uneventful ride through traffic, motorcade arrives at Ft. Belvoir in Virginia at 12:14 p.m.


Uniformed service members were at drop off point for president and his party at start of golf course.

Press vans proceeded in to rec center


Marvin Nicholson, Sam Kass and Joe Paulsen are playing with Obama today, WH says.



Tom Brune

Washington Bureau